High school students, apply for this $2,000 scholarship

This is a shout out to all high school students out there who want to enroll at traditional or online universities! Start your scholarship search early.

We know, we know. You’re probably busy taking SATs and trying to survive high-school, so you’re probably not thinking of scholarships for funding your future offline or online college degree. But you should.

On-campus and online college courses are so expensive, and costs are only bound to increase as the year pass. You’ll need help being able to pay for your post-secondary traditional or distance learning and the process of getting your hands on a scholarship is not so straightforward as you might have been lead to believe.

One of the most useful things you can do right now, is at least make a list of scholarships you are interested in. You probably not even looking at associate degrees online or full time bachelor programs, but even so try searching for general scholarships which accept applications from high school students who already know they will pursue an on-campus or distance learning college degree.

Even if you’re most likely going to go for associate degrees online, the cheapest form of higher education, you’ll still need financial help. Even if costs are cut in half compared to a four-year offline or online college degree, associate degrees online can still cost quite a lot.

By surveying the scholarship opportunities out there, you’ll be able to see whether you’re eligible for the majority. If you’re not, you still have time to make sure your grades, test scores are up to caliber with the scholarships, as well as with the traditional or online universities you want to apply to.

Also remember to take a look at the scholarships offered by some of the offline and online universities you are interested in. These could also help you fund your offline or online college courses.

Anyway, here’s a scholarship opportunity for students who are still in high school but looking to enroll with on-campus or online college courses in the foreseeable future.

Enter the Nellie Martin Carman Scholarship which targets students who will be graduating from a public school in King, Snohomish or Piece Country and are looking to enroll with on-campus or online college degree at a traditional or distance learning institution in the state of Washington.

High school students need to be nominated in order to enter the race for the $2,000 scholarship.

Nominees are then invited to submit the following documents: completed applications, copy of FAFSA application, one letter of recommendation, official grade transcript, copy of SAT/ACT test scores.

While this year the deadline has passed (March 01) bookmark this page and return to it next year (if you’re still in high school by then).


13 thoughts on “High school students, apply for this $2,000 scholarship

  1. I finished my highschool last year 2018.Am from Kenya I
    attained a grade B and am eligible for this scholarship

  2. I come from Kenya I like NASA free scholarships because my parents are on high debts of loans,right now they have only me at home while my siblings are in school.l do not know how I will start my courses in politechnic without any finance assistance

  3. I finished my high school learning in 2017. I wanted to do engineering courses. I hope this scholarship would help me achieve my dreams.Am from Kenya, am I eligible for it?

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