Fund your hospitality management degree with this $3,000 scholarship

Travel – it’s the loftiest business activity in the world. So you might want to consider it as the field of study for your college degree online or offline.

Most offline or online universities will offer majors in tourism, which are often presented under the hospitality management umbrella. Hospitality is a broad term which includes food service, hotel, tour and travel businesses, so you will have many avenues to pursue when you graduate from your accredited online university or traditional one.

Students of accredited schools online or offline who graduate with hospitality programs usually go into several areas of specialization. Those who love food can work as managers for one of the many food chains, while students who enjoy glamour and luxury can go on to become managers of multi-national hotel chains.

Sounds good? It is. But first you will have to graduate with your offline or online degree program. Fortunately, hospitality management as a major is also offered as a college degree online.

Most accredited schools online will offer it, so there are plenty of options to choose from. Studying with an accredited online university is very important if you want your degree to be recognized by your employer after graduation. So you better make extra sure you’re only looking at accredited schools online, when trying to decide which online degree program to take up.

Accredited online university programs will also allow you to save some money. Given that you will be studying from home, you won’t have to worry about additional costs such as housing and living expenses. What’s more, online universities will offer any study materials you might need in digital form. So that’s covered too.

If you heard somewhere that students of online universities aren’t eligible for funding, let us just tell you that’s false. You can get scholarships from your online degree program provider, but also from the world wide web.

A quick search online will reveal there are countless funding opportunities which are also open to those studying with a college degree online.

Like the Hyatt Hotel Fund for Minority Lodging Management Students. The scholarship is open to students pursuing a hospitality management major at a US college. The program is open to minority students including African-Americans, Hispanic, Native American/Alaskan, and Asian/Pacific Islander.

To apply you need to fill out the application form, but no extra documents like letters of recommendations are required.

The award is worth $3,000 and winners will also get a plaque. Apply no later than April 15, 2018.

45 thoughts on “Fund your hospitality management degree with this $3,000 scholarship

  1. My name is Asaye Liknaw from Ethiopia and graduated from Addis Ababa University with a master of arts in Management of vocational education, i am a student in MSc in food security study in Addis Ababa University and Currently, I am working as chemistry laboratory expert in Addis Ababa City, one of it’s high school. Hereby, I would like to inform you that your organization is in a position to support financial aid. But if possible your competition criteria are focused on those who from developing countries like Africa. I am from one of the marginalized area, Ethiopia. I hope your organization is giving me a chance to widen my knowledge to come back to the resident country. I am very interested to join Postgraduate degree in any social science field, and I have vast and untapped potential to perform anything.
    Thank You.

  2. with a bachelors degree in business administration, i need a scholarship for international masters .how can i access an application form .onesimus from kanungu

  3. My name is chisomo mpumulo am a 20 years old young man from malawi am impressed with your offer please I really need this for my good future my country and the world as a whole can you help me with this online scholarships I want to pursue tourism or hotel managemant or public health please help I will really appreciate your offer

  4. I am still finding it difficult to access the application form. Please drop me the form for me to fill in.

  5. I would like to continue my studues but i dont have money. I woulk like to fond a sponsor to help. Thanks a lot

  6. Hello am Divine Davou Tok from NIgeria i want to study aeronautical engineering please help me fulfill my dream am still undergraduate thank you

  7. I am Munang Prutus and wish to study Economics in the university in September please help me fulfill my desire. My dream is to have a PhD in economics

  8. Plxxx guide me …am student of comsats university with 3.4cgpa I need scholarship for abroad . I have done bs in business administration .. if there is scholarship relevant to my field … Plxxx guide me

  9. My names is nshimiyimana Elyse from Rwanda please help me I need scholarship I was studying buyoga t s s in public works please help me and God will blessing you

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