Is Online Education Suitable For Introverts?

It is not hard to differentiate an introvert from an extrovert. Take the example of those whose hands are in the air each time a teacher addresses a question. Extroverts enjoy engaging in conversations which gives them the nice participation points. But what about the introverts, the students who do well on tests but sit quietly in the back of the class? Studies revealed that half of the population are introverts who, until the expansion of online education environment, had studied in isolation compared to their extrovert colleagues. But with the expansion of distance learning degree programs, introverts can find a better way of communicating with others. How is that possible?

During the online classes, distance learning students can answer to the addressed questions in a couple of minutes or even hours. While an extrovert feels more comfortable sharing his/her ideas publicly, an introvert chooses to reflect upon his ideas and analyze his/her comments before posting them.

A good thing about online courses for an introvert is that his/her ideas can stand apart from him/her and are judged on merit without consideration for his/her presentation. Indeed, within the distance learning program lectures, a shared idea is considered on merit without the actual presentation of it. Here is one aspect an introvert would appreciate online education for.

The chat room is open to everyone who wants to share their ideas. An introvert would feel comfortable joining the chat. This is extremely beneficial not only for the student himself but for the conversation as well. More ideas on a given topic for the distance learning degree program means a richer learning experience. When questions are value-oriented, the group conversation becomes productive. This is another reason why an introvert would value online education for.

In the distance learning environment, how the discussions are organized reflect the way students perceive these distance learning degree interactions. Both introverts and extroverts can find the online classes as opportunities to share ideas with their colleagues. Online courses do not make any difference between introverts and extroverts as long as both commit.

If you are an introvert who wants to enroll in online classes remember that staying committed is part of being successful. Online courses are the perfect way for you to express your ideas and share your resources. Online learning can meet your academic needs half way.

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