Two scholarships websites are offering MBA students a scholarship

Online degrees MBA students also gave the chance to get into a scholarship program with GradSchools. GrandSchools considers being an online university MBA student is a benefit nowadays, each student can create a huge network with his/her classmates and work in a technological world that would let them to grow their business as much as each professional wants.

However, to be part of the online education dream is quite complicated, and it gets more complicated to those who are looking forward to get perfect academic records while they are considering the way to get the money to pay online degrees.

GradSchools is giving these online university students the chance to get into its Scholarship programs to help them pay their online education degree, they want students to pay attention only and only to their education and forget about the money they are using on their online degrees for at least one second.  They are giving away $1000 to those who write an Entry Essay, a short 250-words essay about why are they pursuing the Masters in Business Administration they are enrolled into by answering this simple question: What personal or professional goals do you hope to achieve through a MBA program?

Online university students have until May 31 to send their applications and the juror will notify the winner on August 31. This website believes on the real value of education, they are aware each professional education will influence in a positive way the world and would shape it as it should be shaped; they want to be part of that process so they are betting on students’ education.

The juror will choose the best essay and give to the winner a $1000 grant so they can pay their MBA program. The juror will base its decision on:

  • Writing skills – 25%. They are not looking for someone who will write a best seller but they are interested on someone who will write as they are talking to a big audience, someone who can call anyone’s attention with only 250 words.
  • Creativity – 25%
  • Originality – 25%
  • General excellence – 25%

To apply for this online education scholarship program each student must be:

  • 18 years old or older.
  • Be taking a MBA program

That’s it. Pretty simple uh? Even the previous winners can still apply for the program the following year and they can spend the money not only on the program’s fees but also in materials, books or other necessary expenses they got that academic year.

37 thoughts on “Two scholarships websites are offering MBA students a scholarship

  1. please i what to apply to study medicine and surgery i am in my o level no help form anywhere please help me i will be very grateful thank you

  2. I more than blessed to be one of the people who might be getting this scholarship and please send us the application form to apply I really need it. Thanks in advance

  3. I am hereby requesting for a scholarship, I\’m requesting for a scholarship because I can\’t pay for my tertiary school. I\’m a disabled person and orphan too. I will be very grateful if my request will be positively considered

  4. pleas help me. I went to study electrical and electronics engineering but i am tried to learn because of financial.when get this chances real I AM Blessed.

  5. I need your excellent support of scholarship and i cant able to pay fees so i need your response thank you

  6. Am a south Sudanese looking for scholarship because I finished my high school but don\’t have money for studying further

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