The National Press Club is looking for revolutionary leaders

If there are brilliant online college students, who are looking forward to start their path in the journalism world (even at online universities) they would be feeling more backed up when they find out that the National Press Club is now betting on them too. The National Press Club is the principal journalists’ organization in the United States; they wish to recruit young leaders that would bring brand new ideas to its area by helping them to pay for an online degree.

The American organization is betting on gifted prospect journalists by giving them the opportunity to win a college scholarships and grants valued in $2,000 one-year with the the Ellen Masin Persina Scholarship program, which has the option to be repeated for up to 3 years at $2,500 each year. In addition, the first year online colleges students get an extra $500 grant to be spent on books. Ellen Masin Persina was a Press Club member who died in 192 when she was 41 years old.

The online universities student who wants to apply must have the following requirements to be eligible:

  • The student must be a high school senior who must already sent his/her online colleges application when applying for the Ellen Masin Persina Scholarship.
  • The online degree applier is needed to be part of a minority or vulnerable group.
  • The student must show his/her interest on following a undergraduate degree in journalism and his/her intention to give to the American press a fresh, innovated and worldwide new perspective.
  • There is no nationality restriction, internationals and US students can apply for this scholarship program.

This college scholarships and grants application will close on March 10.

Is important for the organization to receive from each applier 3 copies of:

  • Three letters of recommendations
  • A signed FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
  • A brief essay
  • High school transcript
  • A letter of acceptance from online universities of his/her choice or at least one document that proves his/her application to this institution.
  • No more than 5 work examples to show a real interest on pursuing this career, they can be work done on a High School Newspaper, a Blogger experience or any other related.
    • The articles are needed to be 8 1/2” by 11” size, the other multimedia information on a CD or DVD.

The essay is needed to be 500-words long; the work must show to the Ellen Masin Persina Scholarship juror a real life motivation on pursuing this career and how the student is going to bring to the American journalism fresh ideas that would be changing this area, that would show a revolutionary form of relating information and contribute to real social causes.

43 thoughts on “The National Press Club is looking for revolutionary leaders

  1. i am from Ethiopia looking for post graduate or master science in economics. i wanna free tuition and dorm free plus pocket money please i am too glad to study abroad if give za chance

  2. I\’ll be glad if given this opportunity. Am a needy Kenyan citizen taking my Bacholars degree in computer and mathematics education. Please help. Thank you.

  3. Hi,my name is mickiyas,I am from Ethiopia.currently I am a medical student.I have 4.0GPA and I scored high grade in my entrance exam(513).living in poor country means you have to be work extra hard not to mention that no body cares about your study,so I have to work at least 5 hours a day to cover my finacial proplems.if i got this scholarship it mean I chance to offer something good to the world.

  4. I am an undergraduate in one of the best universities in Nigeria, studying Economics. I will be glad if i am considered for this scholarship to help further my education and solve economic problems which is the basis of my courses.

  5. I am masixole dlamini from south africa ,im doing my final year at school .I am doing Maths, Physical sciences , Geography , Engineering Graphics and Degsin and English ,Zulu aslo Tourism .My average pass rate is 60% all my subjecs nd in Maths and Physics i usually get 75% above . I was wishing that u can spornser me with abursary or a shcolership so that i can finish my university and make different in my community

  6. I really need a scholarship to further my education. This is very important for me. I am a Cameroon

  7. Dear sir/madame
    Am exited to hear that its my intention and my dreams to study abroad for further studies but l didnt achieve to get such achance for farther studies
    When you will give me this chance i will take it serious and achieve what i dreamed .

  8. I am Bongonyinge Denish from Uganda and this country is greatly affected by malaria and other communicable diseases due to health infrastructure loss in many part of the country as a result of civil wars few years ago.i have bachelors degree in public health but i need proceed with my studies to do masters degree in epidemiology/public health and I really lack financial it would be pleasure for me if I can get scholarship so that I can prevent these diseases especially malaria which is causing a lot of fatalities and financial burden globally.i.e 2.7 million deaths annually.

  9. Hello, i\’m Helen from Ethiopia with BSC in textile engneering.but now i wish if i have mastre\’s degree in any field given in your country.please give this opportunity to me and participate in my dreams.

  10. Helw am Mary from Tanzania am looking scholarship inorder to study Uk bachelor of science of Acturial science now am study first year in Dar es salaam. Assist me fully scholarship because am poor girl my parents are very poor even my country. Thanks and god blessed.

  11. Hi, l would apprecites schoolarship first,to study wherever you want me to study as long as l would gain experiance especialy in the information and technology course. please assist me fully

  12. I am Benard Basweti a education in arts (kiswahili and Geography) student studying at kabarak University in rift valley and am a needy student because I came from a very low background family and I\’m eager to pursue my career now my problem is lack of enough money to sustain me in my education I will be glad if you help me in paying my school fee . Thank you very much and be blessed.

  13. I am a Ugandan and iam having a Diploma in Tours and Travel. Please i need Ellen Masin Persin Scholarship , so that i can upgrade. I will be very grateful to receive a positive reply.

  14. I am from Papua New guinea needing financial support to complete my study,am needy person comes from very low background family.I really need a Ellen marsin scholarships. I will be grateful to receive a positive reply.

  15. I am a premedical student at Sierra Leone and I really need to continue my course out of Sierra I need a scholarship or support please help me.

  16. I\’m a Nigerian studying in one of the universities. Please I need the scholarship to continue out of the country

  17. am Zambian having a diploma of secondary education in natural sciences now I want to measure in biology abroad,,,,, help me with a scholarship please because I don\’t have enough money to further my studies

  18. mynames mawliid .iam apprieaciate your scholorship.iam somalia young .so that iam ready to participate .study.i have not many so i neeed to help…..thanks

  19. I have acertificate in nursing I need to continue with the studies I wish to have the chance among the chosen and I will be happy to receive from you God bless you thanks +256785375960 my contact

  20. Hi,am Andani from Limpopo south Africa.I need to study in USA but am still in grade 12. I love pursuing my studits in veterinary sciences in 2019.

  21. I am an undergraduate in one of the best universities in Botswana University of Botswana, studying Bed science. I will be glad if i am considered for this scholarship to help further my education and solve educational problems which is the basis of my courses.

  22. Dear officer !
    How are you ?
    I want to learn on campus so, How I will get this chance ?

    I appropriate your university I am sure you will give me good chance I will wait to hear good answer from you ( good news)
    Thank you !

    sincerely yours !
    workineh Kanea

  23. im so excited to hear this news.iam very much interested. im joyce sylvester young lady from Tanzania iwish to get this wonderful opportunity of Ellen masin persian scholarship i will be very greatful to receive a positive reply.

  24. Hey, I\’m ONESIMUS KARPEE CHEA from Liberia and I\’m very much glad to hear about such a great opportunity.

  25. From: Sierra – Leone

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am an undergraduate and i am pleading to you to grant me a scholarship on humanitarian basis. I would like to study foreign languages or human resources management. Looking forward to your prompt reply. With Regards.

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