The National Press Club is looking for revolutionary leaders

If there are brilliant online college students, who are looking forward to start their path in the journalism world (even at online universities) they would be feeling more backed up when they find out that the National Press Club is now betting on them too. The National Press Club is the principal journalists’ organization in the United States; they wish to recruit young leaders that would bring brand new ideas to its area by helping them to pay for an online degree.

The American organization is betting on gifted prospect journalists by giving them the opportunity to win a college scholarships and grants valued in $2,000 one-year with the the Ellen Masin Persina Scholarship program, which has the option to be repeated for up to 3 years at $2,500 each year. In addition, the first year online colleges students get an extra $500 grant to be spent on books. Ellen Masin Persina was a Press Club member who died in 192 when she was 41 years old.

The online universities student who wants to apply must have the following requirements to be eligible:

  • The student must be a high school senior who must already sent his/her online colleges application when applying for the Ellen Masin Persina Scholarship.
  • The online degree applier is needed to be part of a minority or vulnerable group.
  • The student must show his/her interest on following a undergraduate degree in journalism and his/her intention to give to the American press a fresh, innovated and worldwide new perspective.
  • There is no nationality restriction, internationals and US students can apply for this scholarship program.

This college scholarships and grants application will close on March 10.

Is important for the organization to receive from each applier 3 copies of:

  • Three letters of recommendations
  • A signed FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
  • A brief essay
  • High school transcript
  • A letter of acceptance from online universities of his/her choice or at least one document that proves his/her application to this institution.
  • No more than 5 work examples to show a real interest on pursuing this career, they can be work done on a High School Newspaper, a Blogger experience or any other related.
    • The articles are needed to be 8 1/2” by 11” size, the other multimedia information on a CD or DVD.

The essay is needed to be 500-words long; the work must show to the Ellen Masin Persina Scholarship juror a real life motivation on pursuing this career and how the student is going to bring to the American journalism fresh ideas that would be changing this area, that would show a revolutionary form of relating information and contribute to real social causes.

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  1. i am from Ethiopia looking for post graduate or master science in economics. i wanna free tuition and dorm free plus pocket money please i am too glad to study abroad if give za chance

  2. I\’ll be glad if given this opportunity. Am a needy Kenyan citizen taking my Bacholars degree in computer and mathematics education. Please help. Thank you.

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