Scholarships for skin condition victims

Now Ortho Dermatologics has a funding program called the Aspire Higher Scholarship program, this new program has a new mission: to spot people who have been detected with skin condition or treated for a dermatologic illness who are now pursuing to get a degree even if it is a college degree online program they are attending.

Victims of acne, rosacea and even actinic keratosis who have not used any products or medication of this company, they are still eligible candidates. There is no big issue for the Ortho Dermatologics organization to get these applicants. The scholarship is valued up to $10,000 to be spent on the 18-19 academic year of their online college degree program.

There are three different categories for $10,000-grant prize: Undergraduate, Graduate and Today’s Woman. Each one of them is going to have three winners; at the end, Ortho Dermatologics will prize nine different persons who are pursuing an online bachelor degree.

To be part of this program, applicants must be:

  • Accepted to or attending to an accredited, or nonprofit, college, university, vocational or technical school the 18-19 academic year. It is important for the Scholarship program to get prove of this admission or enrollment to her/his (online) bachelor degree program.
  • Diagnosed with a skin condition or dermatologic illness, at some point the student was under the care of a licensed health related professional.
  • Eligible for one of the categories:
    • Undergraduate Scholar Award: The students who have applied, been accepted, or are active students of an undergraduate or vocational/technical degree.
    • Graduate Scholar Award: This one is for the dreamers who applied, are accepted, or are active students of a college degree (online) program to get a graduate degree.
    • Today’s Woman Awards: This is a perfect opportunity for vulnerable mothers who applied, are accepted, or are active students of an undergraduate, vocational or technical, or graduate degree program.
  • Holding an essay they wrote themselves, that tells the real story of being detected with this skin condition or dermatologic illness, how it affected the student’s life; and how the licensed health professional related helped the victim on this issue.
  • Giving two letters of recommendations and information about her/his school and community activities the person is involved in it.

Applicants have until April 28 to send their applications to the Aspire Higher program; the winners will get their notifications on July 13.

The online college degree students have only one chance to send their application, more than one received from one person would not be taken into account. In addition, incomplete applications are not eligible to be part of the process. College degree online students need to be careful when writing the essay because they may not mention any prescription medicine; if they do, they will be disqualified.

Each online bachelor degree application is going to be judge according on equal standards:

  • The essay gets a 60% of the final score, they are going to check the uniqueness, the emotional power the student uses to describe his/her problem and how it makes the public fall in love with his/her story.
  • The letters of recommendation would be getting a 25%.
  • The school and community activities in which the applicant is participating and how they influence her/his community is getting a 15% value.

The final decisions related to the Scholarship Recipients are going to be make at discretion the Scholarship Program juror. To check more rules and about the scholarship go to each site.

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  1. Over a long time ago I was looking for scholarship bcoz I like too much to learn everything but I cant get like this opportunity.
    So plz may I get it.

  2. i need a scholarship because i have no enough money but i got smart mind so i might be competitive

  3. I am ready for this scholarship,and I hope I get it. Please don\’t forget to sample me,I will be happy if I got this …

  4. Kindly I need the scholarship. It\’s a course I have been longing for for many years but it\’s too expensive.

  5. i need this scholarship please

    beed to go father with my studied but cant manage to source cash for school

    so help me

  6. hello first of all thanks to you need help me.. am from ethiopia i want to full funded scholarship… please help me

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